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All Trades Services

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BSJ Contracts near Edinburgh, Scotland is an all trades services company that offers a wide range of jobs which can help you maintain your property. These include design, decking, cladding, extensions, interior alterations, and renovations.

Interior Design

Our specialty is designing bathrooms and kitchens. If you need to have one of these rooms drafted, we are here to help you. We have the staff and the equipment to make sure everything is designed to your specifications.

patio furniture modern deck

We can also construct decks for your buildings. You just have to tell us what you need done and we will make sure that you get the deck that you want.


Our staff can help you with cladding. Aside from giving your property additional aesthetic appeal, cladding can also hold back the effects of damaging weather elements.

Modern Home Interior

We can help you add extensions to your home or business establishment. Our company can assist if you need a new room or wing, or if you need to increase the amount of space used in your property.

Interior Designing
Interior Alterations

We can alter the different aspects of the interiors of your homes or commercial structures. Just tell us what you want changed and we will get on it as soon as possible.

Renovation Construction

In addition to our other services, we can also renovate. We can help modify different areas of your property and make them more tailored to your tastes. Our team will also make sure to be careful so that we can keep the areas that you don’t want to touched intact.

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